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Model : Polishing Barrel Drum

Polishing Barrel Drum
Tips On Polishing Wire Nails
1. Load the polishing barrel with Wire Nails up to a level 3 to 4 inches above the half filled level. (If nails are rusty, ad half a litere of Kerosene before adding saw dust and run the Barrel for about 10 minutes with blind lid fixed) Add saw dust in the barrel the upto 80% of the full level. Fix the blind lid and run the barrel for about 40 minutes. Stop the barrel and change the lid from blind to perforrated. Run the barrel for about 45 minutes with perofrrated lid in order to remove the saw dust. This will result in bright & shiny nails.
2. If the mirror finished is required on the Nails, it is advisable to use SOFT LEATHER PIECES in second sequences of polishing instead of Saw Dust 20 to 25 Kgs. Of such LEATHER PIECES are required for our 250 Kgs. Cap. Polishing Barrel. These LEATHER PIECES can be applied again for about 15 to 20 cycles till they become very oily.

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